What Is The Best Way To Choose Scales For Guitar Solos? Learn Quickly In Online Guitar Classes

Online Guitar Classes

In our Online Guitar Classes, you will get to know all the cunning blues licks in some simple tricks.

Just for your help, we are going to explain 5 cunning blues licks that will help you to choose the scale for the sound you want to play on the guitar.

Let’s start…

Minor pentatonic scale over dominant 7th chords(Learn Easily In Our Online Guitar Classes)

If you will play the combination of minor scale notes with dominant 7 chords notes, you will be surprised with the edgy and blues bite sound to your solos. If talking about the guitar players like Joe Bonamassa, Albert King, and John Mayer. Several times, all of them use this trick.

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Moving forward, let’s know other ways to choose scales for guitar solos.

BB(Blues Box) Shape Over The Dominant Chords

This amazing BB trick combines the best bits of the minor and major pentatonic scales in a very simple run. Because of no 3rd interval, add major 3rd by bending up a tone or add a minor 3rd by bending the 2nd up to semitone.

Major Pentatonic Scale Over Dominant Chords

This is a very amazing thing that you are going to know. There would be no need to play the chord itself, this scale will add a classy sound with 9th and 13th intervals to the 7th dominant chords.

Let’s give you an example, you can listen to Freddie King’s classic blues instrumental to have an idea.

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Mixolydian mode Again dominant chords

The Mixolydian mode will add the two notes i.e 4th and minor 7th to the major pentatonic scale. When you will play the minor 7th note against the major 3rd, it will create the “Devil’s Interval”.

From Brian Setzerto T-Bone Walker or any jazz-blues professional could solo without it.

We have explained to you a few ways to choose the scales for your Guitar solos. If you want to learn more stuff like this then join our Online Guitar Classes.

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