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Eager to learn 5 important guitar chords? You have come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to let you know open guitar chords which are sometimes known as the Open Position Chords.

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Coming back to the topic, you may be thinking about why we are going to tell you about Open Chords. Let us tell you that when we play open position chords, we don’t just fret it but we used to play it as it should be.

Let’s know about 5 Major Open Position Chords!

5 Major Open Position Chords | Get A Chance To Learn In Best Guitar Academy

You don’t need to be focused on how these chords should be fingered but it would be better if you will think of them as in Shape. Your fingers will start creating a unique shape when they form the chord on the fretboard.

So, it would be best to learn the shapes when you play the guitar.

  1. E Major Open Position Chord
  2. A Major Open Position Chord
  3. D Major Open Position Chord
  4. G Major Open Position Chord
  5. C Major Open Position Chord

Don’t worry, we will not leave you here. We are also going to let you know the tip so that you can easily mute the low E strings.

A Tip To Mute The Low E String

We know that you are concerned about how to mute the E string while playing the chords A, C, and D. In general, it is very hard to avoid playing the E string while strumming up and down.

If you will curl your thumb over the top of the guitar neck in the way that it will touch the E string, it will help you to mute it. (You can learn many more techniques like this in the Best Guitar Academy i.e. Strings Guitar Academy.

If you are facing any kind of issue while doing it then the only way to do that is to practice. You have to do more and more practice so that your thumb will bend easily.

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In this guide, we have told you the 5 Most important guitar chords and a tip to play the guitar in a lovely way. If you are looking for the Best Guitar Academy then join Online Guitar Classes in Strings Guitar Academy today.

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