What’s Our Mission?

We understand your passion for music and that’s why we decide to increase your skills and techniques. No matter whether you are from a musical background or not, we are here to create the one for you.

At The Strings Guitar Academy, we don’t expect anything from you apart from your love and seriousness towards music. We want you to feel music because if you play the instrument without feeling, no one will be attracted to it.

THE STRINGS GUITAR ACADEMY was founded by Mr. Ashwani Devgan on 1.May.2012 in Kapurthala.

Our Academy is one of the leading Music Academy in India where you can learn how to play Guitar professionally. So, If you are a beginner or intermediate guitar player and want to improve your skills, our online course in hindi will help you.

This is why we are the best Guitar Music School and our students know that.

Apart from the Online Guitar Classes, we also provide offline classes too. If you are able to come to us then it would be easier for you.

We understand that every person is different and separate their time according to their schedule. This is why we provide 24*7 support to resolve all of your queries anytime you want. 

Mr. Ashwani Devgan

Visit Us Or Take Free Demo Classes

If you have any kind of doubt in your mind regarding the online guitar classes, you can visit the place or take demo classes. We just want to win your trust in us so that we can help you to create an unforgettable musical journey. So, Are you ready to feel the depth of music? 

Take Your Steps Towards Success

Mr. Ashwani Devgan, the Founder of The Strings Guitar Academy himself teaches you each and everything about the guitar. He had worked with many renowned artists across the country. With his 25+ years of experience, you will get a chance to learn all the techniques that he had worked on.


He believes that if you are a true music lover, you should know how to feel it and how to put that feeling into your instrument.